net art – her home

Title : Her Home

Sound concept : by Joao Vasco

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Media : Net Art

Year : 2007


The texts are based on a book inside which is several short stories telling about the relationship between each tenant and the reasons they live in tenement building. There are different characters introduce in the book, some of them are low class workers that they live in a small cubicle in a flat ( 板間房 ), around 50sq ft to 80 sq ft., prostitute and young people who cannot afford high rent. The aim of the book is to describe the valuable, real and kind human relationship and comparatively simple and realistic daily life.

As inspired by the literature of OuLiPo Group, I try to unfold the stories in order to open and create a new meaning by breaking each sentence into subjects and phrases and deleting conjunctions as well. The information is stored in a database and generated by a computer. Each time the computer will generate a subject and three different phrases. Those sentences with a subject will form a new story or poem. The reading habit is also experimented by changing usual position of subject and sentences.


12th ifva single screen based interactive categories, 2007

1 International Congress Art Tech Media 07, Net Art Categories, Madrid Spain

Episode II, Read Difference, Fo Tan, HK 2007


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