public art – run!

Title : Run!

Size : 46000mm x 3300mm

Material : White high gloss plastic cubes

Year 2012


The concept of Sport was formulized by human beings in ancient civilizations. Running has been a fundamental physical activity of humans for many years.

This artwork proposal is based on a fusion merge of historic and modern culture. In ancient civilizations, we used to record wall murals. Now, in the modern world, we have stepped into a multi media generation. With no doubt, we are now frequently bombarded by the latest technology products.

The concept of this piece is to transform human movement into many small pieces of wooden cube which turns into a pixelate effect. High glossy plastic cube surface on top of granite and concrete to enhance different textures, produce a contrasting and embossed effect and modernization.

The left hand side of my artwork expresses a historical feel to enhance the spirit of the mural. On the other side of the piece, a modern technology screen is applied ti illustrate the continuous development of sports throughout the modern world.


  • 2012, Shortlisted in Public Art Scheme, The Town Park, The Indoor Velodrome-cum-sport Centre in Area 45 TKO

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