Hong Kong Eye – showcase of Hong Kong artists

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Hong Kong Eye


Presented by Prudential. The touring exhibition features over 50 works by 18 emerging Hong Kong artists, span across a range of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation.


curated by Chang Tsong-Zung, Serenella Ciclitira and Nigel Hurst

Hong Kong, 20 November 2012 – Hong Kong Eye presented by Prudential will be the first major international showcase of Hong Kong contemporary art. A touring exhibition presenting over 50 works by 18 emerging Hong Kong artists will be held at the Saatchi Gallery in London from 5 December 2012 to 12 January 2013 and at ArtisTree in TaiKoo Place, Hong Kong in May 2013. To mark the start of this significant programme, a major publication, entitled Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art, edited by Serenella Ciclitira and Chang Tsong-Zung, published by Skira, launches today. The publication includes over 100 artworks by 76 artists, offering the largest survey to date on Hong Kong contemporary art.

Hong Kong Eye presented by Prudential is curated by Chang Tsong-Zung, guest professor of China Art Academy and Director of Hanart TZ Gallery, Serenella Ciclitira, CEO of Parallel Contemporary Art and Honorary Fellow at the Royal College of Art, and Nigel Hurst, Director and CEO of the Saatchi Gallery. Prudential is the principal sponsor for the Hong Kong Eye programme and aspires to foster a legacy of greater insight and appreciation of Hong Kong art.

The book gives crucial recognition to Hong Kong’s contemporary art scene and provides a new resource and education tool for teachers, pupils and residents in Hong Kong, as well as worldwide. It features 66 emerging artists and 10 pioneers who have had a significant influence in shaping art in Hong Kong. The publication will be available at all good book stores, distributed by Rizzoli in the US and globally by Thames & Hudson. 350 books will also be donated to educational institutions and public libraries in Hong Kong.

The exhibitions will be free to the public and will provide vital international exposure for emerging Hong Kong artists, with the majority of works being shown for the first time outside of Asia. The works span across a range of media including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video and installation. Exhibiting artists are: Amy CHEUNG, CHOW Chun Fai, Silas FONG, HO Sin Tung, KONG Chun Hei, KUM Chi Keung, LAM Tung Pang, LEUNG Kui Ting, Otto LI, LUI Chun Kwong, Florian MA, Joao Vasco PAIVA, Hector RODRIGUEZ, Angela SU, Annie WAN, Adrian WONG, Justin WONG Chiu Tat and Fiona WONG Lai Ching. Asia Art Archive will also use the Hong Kong Eye exhibition as a platform from which to conduct a series of programmes for teachers and its youth group as part of its ongoing educational programmes.

“As an international business with a long heritage in Asia, we feel it is important to support the development of local talent by providing global exposure for them. Prudential is proud to be principal sponsor of Hong Kong Eye and with the accompanying arts education programme, we hope to inspire the future generations of Hong Kong to participate in this exciting art scene.”
– Barry Stowe, Chief Executive, Prudential Corporation Asia

“The contemporary art scene in Hong Kong has been growing rapidly since David and I first visited in 1982. A few years ago Hong Kong was called a cultural desert, but since then there has been a growing pool of exceptionally talented artists. Drawing on their specific cultural baggage instead of concentrating on political formulas, they have expressed the nuances of their own artistic environment showing a wealth of talent and quality. For this project we received an extraordinary quantity of artists portfolios, a testament to the important contribution that Hong Kong Art will make to the global contemporary art scene.”
– Serenella Cicilitira, CEO, Parallel Contemporary Art

Hong Kong Eye is the third ‘Eye’ initiative following Korean Eye and Indonesian Eye. The Hong Kong Eye exhibition will be the 11 major exhibition over 4 years and the 5 at the Saatchi Gallery as part of the ‘Eye’ programme, which has attracted over 1 million visitors. The ‘Eye Initiative’ is founded by David and Serenella Ciclitira of Parallel Contemporary Art. Prudential is the principal sponsor of Indonesian Eye and Hong Kong Eye in partnership with Parallel Contemporary Art, the organiser of the ‘Eye’ programme and the Saatchi Gallery. For Hong Kong Eye, Swire Properties is a venue partner for the exhibition in Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific is a sponsor.

Hong Kong Eye presented by Prudential
 5 December 2012 – 12 January 2013 at the Saatchi Gallery, Duke of York Square, Chelsea, London
 1–31 May 2013 at ArtisTree, 1/F, Cornwall House, TaiKoo Place 979 King’s Road, Island East, Hong Kong
 Admission to the exhibition is free
 Hong Kong Eye: Hong Kong Contemporary Art, published by Skira, distributed by Rizzoli in the US and globally by Thames & Hudson, £46.00/USD75.00

Exhibition (18 emerging artists)
CHEUNG, Amy LAM Tung Pang RODRIGUEZ, Hector CHOW, Chun Fai LEUNG Kui Ting SU, Angela FONG, Silas LI, Otto WAN Lai Kuen, Annie HO Sin Tung LUI Chun Kwong WONG Ho Yin, Adrian KONG Chun Hei MA, Florian WONG Chiu Tat, Justin KUM Chi Keung PAIVA, Joao Vasco WONG Lai Ching, Fiona

Book (76 artists)
10 pioneers –
BLAND, Douglas DENG, Fen TSANG, Tsoi-Choi CHAN, Luis LIU, Kuo-Sung TSENG, Kwong Chi CHEN, Botao LU, Shoukun DENG, Erya MAK, Hin Yeung 66 emerging –

ABBAS Nadim; AU Hoi Lam; BIRCH Simon; CHAN Gaylord; CHAN Suki; CHENG Shuk Yee, Eastman; CHENG Yee Man, GUM; CHEUNG Nga Yin, Lucia; CHEUNG Wan Man, Amy; CHOW Chun Fai; CHU Hing Wah; CHU Tak Wah, Almond; FONG, Silas; FUNG Ching Ping, Ivy; FUNG Lik Yan, Kevin; HO Man Chung, Homan; HO, Seeman (Two Dogs and Eleven Cats); HO Sin Tung; HO Siu Kee; HON Chi Fun; HUI, Phoebe; KONG Chun Hei; KUM Chi Keung; KWOK Mang Ho (aka Frog King); LAM Laam, Jaffa; LAM Tung Pang; LAU Hok Shing, Hanison; LAW Ki Hong, Clive; LAW Man Lok; LEE Kit; LEE Po Yee, Bovey; LEUNG Kui Ting; LEUNG Mee Ping; Li Tin Lun, Otto; LI Wei Han, Rosanna; LO Yuen Yi; LUI Chun Kwong; MA Ho Yin, Florian; MA King Chu, Ivy; MAN Ching Ying, Phoebe; MAN Fung Yi; MAP Office; NG, Kingsley; NG Ting Ho, Roy; NGIE, Lulu; PAK Sheung Chuen; PAIVA Joao Vasco; RODRIGUEZ Hector; SHIEH Ka Ho, Wilson; SIU Wai Hang; SO Yan Kei; SU, Angela; TAI On Yau, Monica; TAM Wai Ping, Lukas; TSE Ming Chong; WAN Lai Kuen, Annie; WONG Chiu Tat, Justin; WONG Ho Yin, Adrian; WONG Kwok Choi, Kacey; WONG Lai Ching, Fiona; WONG, Morgan; WONG Tin Yan; Wu Wing Yee, YOUNG Ka Fai, Samson; YU Tik Man, Soloman; YU Wai Luen, Francis

Prudential Corporation Asia is a business unit of Prudential plc, comprising its life insurance operations in Asia and its asset management business, Eastspring Investments. Prudential Corporation Asia is a leading life insurer that spans 13 markets in Asia, covering Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. With more than 400,000 agents and a leading bancassurance network comprising 80 partners across the region, it has a robust multi-channel distribution platform providing a comprehensive range of savings, investment and protection products. Eastspring Investments is one of Asia’s largest asset managers, with operations in 11 Asian markets and the United States. It manages funds on behalf of a wide range of retail and institutional investors, including life and pension products sold by Prudential in the UK and across Asia. As of 30 June, 2012, Eastspring Investments has about £53.8 billion (US$85 billion) in assets under management.

The Saatchi Gallery was founded in 1985 by Charles Saatchi to provide a platform for work by largely unseen young artists or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. Its role is to bring contemporary art to as wide an audience as possible and make it accessible. Over the last three years the Saatchi Gallery has hosted seven out of the top ten most visited exhibitions in London, according to The Art Newspaper’s survey of international museum attendance, and it is also ranked amongst the world’s top three most liked museums on Facebook and Twitter by Museum Analytics.

Parallel Contemporary Art is a not for profit organisation, founded by David and Serenella Ciclitira in 2009. PCA has launched three major ‘Eye’ initiatives, Korean Eye, Indonesian Eye, and Hong Kong Eye, to provide a platform for emerging contemporary artists internationally. Each non-profit ‘Eye’ initiative aims to foster contemporary art development and appreciation around the world. PCA is delighted to present Hong Kong Eye, sponsored by Prudential and in association with the Saatchi Gallery, providing the first major opportunity for emerging and pioneer artists in the contemporary Hong Kong art scene to showcase their works on both an international and local stage.

Asia Art Archive is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to documenting the recent history of art in Asia within an international context. Founded in 2000, AAA is one of the world’s leading public resources for contemporary Asian art. Built of 85% donated material, the Archive is a community effort that has grown from a single bookshelf to more than 34,000 records, comprising hundreds of thousands of physical and digital items. The collection includes books and catalogues, audiovisual material, rare periodicals, and individual personal archives and it continues to grow through systematic research and information gathering. AAA is committed to creating a collection that belongs to the public; accessible free of charge from AAA’s physical space and searchable from anywhere in the world via the online catalogue, increasing portions of the collection are now accessible globally via the Collection Online, which launched in June 2012. More than a static repository waiting to be discovered, AAA instigates critical thinking and dialogue for a wide range of audiences, existing not in an enclosed space, but in a space that is open and productive, generating new ideas and works that continually reshape the Archive itself.
Asia Art Archive will use the Hong Kong Eye exhibition as a platform from which to conduct a series of programmes for teachers and its youth group as part of its’ ongoing educational programmes. Asia Art Archive Learning & Participation programme was established in 2007 to expand the possibilities for public interaction with the Archive. By using its unique collection as a platform for art education, AAA hopes to redefine the ways audiences might learn about contemporary art and enrich the way the global art history is perceived and defined. AAA Is grateful to the support of Prudential and Parallel for its learning and participation programmes for 2013.
“We have known Claire Hsu from the moment that she started with the AAA and have always admired the work she has done. The AAA have done incredible work within the educational sector, not to mention their continual support for contemporary art throughout Asia. We are thrilled and excited to announce this partnership, and we are looking forward to our future with this inspirational foundation.”
– David Ciclitira, Chairman and Co-founder, Parallel Contemporary Art/Hong Kong Eye

Serenella Ciclitira has an Honours Degree in Art History from Trinity College, Dublin and has worked extensively with artists and galleries throughout the world. With her husband David Ciclitira, she is the co- founder of Hong Kong Eye and a member of its curatorial board. She has been a Honorary Fellow at the Royal College of Art in London, and since 1990 has awarded the Parallel Prize for Painting and the Serenella Ciclitira Scholarship for Sculpture. One winner was later nominated for the Turner Prize and three of her choices went on to win the prestigious Jerwood Sculpture Prize.

Chang Tsong-zung, curator, guest professor of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, curatorial director of Hanart TZ Gallery in Hong Kong. Chang has been active in curating exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art since the 1980s, both in China and abroad. Recent curatorial work includes the 2008 Guangzhou Triennial “Farewell To Post-Colonialism”, the project “West Heavens: India-China Summit of Social Thought” for 2010 Shanghai Biennale, and Co-Curator of 2012 Shanghai Biennale “Reactivation”.

Nigel Hurst is Director and Chief Executive of the Saatchi Gallery in London. He graduated from Goldsmiths College, London University in 1986 and since then has curated numerous international exhibitions. He joined the Saatchi Gallery as a curator in 1997, working on Sensation at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, the Nationalgalerie at the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin and the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York. More recent exhibitions have focused on Asian contemporary art, including The Revolution Continues: New Art from China (2008), Unveiled: New Art from Middle East (2009), The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today (2010), The Silk Road in collaboration with the City of Lille, France (2011) and Korean Eye (2012). He has also been a member of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Public Art Advisory Board since 2009.

Skira have been the editorial partner of the Eye Programme since its inception in 2009. Skira is one of the oldest and most prestigious names in the World of Fine Art Publishing, with some of its earliest editions containing original engravings by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Skira Group’s distribution and promotional channels are second to none, with their network covering every major continent including the headquarters in Milan and branches in Geneva, Paris and New York. The distribution of their English language publications is supported by their partnerships with two other major publishing houses: Thames and Hudson in the UK and Europe, and Rizzoli in the USA.

In recent years, the global art world has increasingly recognised Hong Kong as an exceptional platform for art in Asia: it is an internationally central location and has no taxes on the import, export or sale of art. Beyond the commercial scene of galleries and auction houses though, the overall creative ecology in Hong Kong has also been developing rapidly with major cultural infrastructure underway including the revitalisation of the Central Police Station and development of the West Kowloon Cultural District. Hong Kong is becoming a new pillar in the global art scene, making it an incredibly exciting time for the vast array of creatives in the city, including the artists, designers, musicians, traditional performers and craftsmen.

Image: CHOW Chun Fai Once a Thief, “Any Self-Respecting Thief Would be Proud to Steal this Painting”, 2008, enamel paint on canvas, 100 x 150 cm. Courtesy the artist and Hanart TZ Gallery

Press enquiries
Phoebe Moore / Jade Ouk / Billy Tam, Sutton PR Asia, + 852 2528 0792
phoebe@suttonprasia.com / jade@suttonprasia.com / billy@suttonprasia.com

Press Preview: Tuesday 4 December, 12noon–2pm

The Saatchi Gallery
Duke of Yorks, HQ Kings Road – London
10:00am to 6:00pm, 7 days a week, last entry 5:30pm
Admission: Free


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