About me

Ivy Fung, Ching Ping (馮菁萍) is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. An artistic mind with an adventurous spirit, Ivy’s creations
are embodiment of history, heritage and technology. She likes to experiment with a range of medium and formats of expression, from public art to environmental graphics.

Ivy’s artworks have been featured in MTR New Railway Lines Art in
Station Public Art Scheme, The Indoor Velodrome-cum-sport
Centre in Area 45 TKO, 1 Internacianal Congress Art Tech Media 07 in Spain and the Hong Kong Art Biennale 2003. She is also featured in Hong Kong Eye, one of the world’s most important publications showcasing Hong Kong artists. She has been an environmental graphic and way-finding consultant for more than eight years in Southeast Asia and China.

Besides making art, Ivy also has more than five years of experience in teaching art and craft, drawing, sketching, computer art and photography to youngsters aged from five to 19.

Ivy received a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994, a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with distinction from RMIT University in 2003 and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2007.





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